Gour-met (plural: gourmets)

1.       Person  with redefined taste who is knowledgeable in the craft and art of food

The word Gourmet  is originally from France, literally translated as gastronome or foodie. You will be able to experience a pure and authentic kitchen in all our GourmetBars, with international dishes and local specialties. However, the biggest attention grabbers on our menus are the delicious burgers, available in all shapes and sizes, even for the little ones. Apart from being foodies, we also love coziness and sharing.. That is why you can also choose from a wide variety of dishes that are easy toshare. In our kitchens we use as many local products as possible: this is not just better for your tastebuds… but also for our planet.

GourmetBar is the ideal location for meeting people and social interaction. Food quality, accessibility and great vibes are focus points within each bar. It is the unique, trendy design that makes each GourmetBar an experience on itself where the cosy ‘home-feeling’ is very important. At GourmetBar you can relax, socialize, celebrate and of course work. You can even take a quick healthy bite with you on the go! Step by, sit down and before you know it you never want to leave!